Pleasure and Taste in One Place

Here at Patisserie Handal we don’t just make and bake cakes, we craft them. Our cakes are made out of the best materials available to us. We don’t believe in making Patisseries and sweets, we believe in making edible art.


Food isn’t just edible, its art.

Seasonal Cakes

We make many different delights for any seasonal event you wish.



Generations To Come

Fresh Products

We go on searches throughout our country and nearby countries looking for the best materials to use, like flour, sugar, chocolate, etc. They may be a small piece of our extraordinary recipe, but the wrong kind of flour and our cakes would be pancakes.

Tasty & Delicious

We insure that nothing leaves the our kitchen without a guarantee that the taste is superb.


Our Pastry Chefs studied abroad, so we may have excellent techniques to insert into our masterpieces. We are also going to bring in a new form of Pastry Chiefs with the son of our amazing Chef.

Our Pastry Chefs.

The heart of our business.
Rémy Handal
Pastry Chef/Co-Owner

Graduate of Culinary Arts Academy with Advanced Professional Diploma in Swiss Pastry & Chocolate Arts top of his class.

Victor Handal
Chef And Founder
Jamal Handal
Chef And Founder
Marcel Handal
Pastry Chef/Co-owner